OdorZyme Directions

The following information is for general use of OdorZyme on hard and porous surfaces

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OdorZyme: Ready to use 22oz spray bottles

The 22 oz bottle is ideal for small spot areas and ongoing problems and maintenance. When OdorZyme is applied to a wet urine stain it will remove the odor instantly. Blot the area to remove as much urine as possible and saturate the area at least 2-4 inches around and including the affected area. Let air dry. You can then remove any residue that may be left behind with your normal cleaning methods.

OdorZyme also available in ½ gallon (ready to use) jugs: Packed 4 per case

Concentrates: (4 oz. = 1 gallon) & (8 oz. = 2 gallons) (1 gallon concentrate = 32 gallons)

Mix the concentrated bottle of OdorZyme with the described quantity of clean water listed on the bottle to provide the ready to use amount you ordered. For best results, DO NOT OVER DILUTE ! Some settling may occur if the bottle is left stationary for long periods of time. Note:Shake well before mixing with pure, clean water! For large areas and maximum saturation we suggest applying with a clean household or garden style pump sprayer. (Be sure there are NO chemical or soap residue left in the sprayer from previous use.) DO NOT use carpet cleaning machines as they will not saturate the affected areas to reach all the urine deposits!

Check fabrics for colorfastness in an inconspicuous area. OdorZyme is designed to be safe on any water-safe surface, but we always recommend you test an area first!

Use OdorZyme first! DO NOT mix or use other cleaners or chemicals at the same time as OdorZyme - This will reduce and/or hinder its effectiveness! For best results, if other soaps or chemicals have already been used, rinse repeatedly with clean water to remove all traces and allow to dry completely before using OdorZyme!

If you have additional questions for an OdorZyme use or need information about wholesale orders you may contact us info@Odor-Solutions.com and we will be happy to assist. Please be sure to provide contact information and best time to contact Eastern Standard Time.

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